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EC-760R-VM / VI / VL

With a wide field of view of 170° as well as a large working channel diameter of 3.8 mm, this is the ultimate routine colonoscope. It features the new G7 grip and the Flexibility Adjuster. In addition, it has a slim diameter of 12.0 mm and includes a water jet function and CMOS technology.



Bending capacity left/right Right 160° / Left 160°
Bending capacity up/down Up 180° / Down 180°
Distal end ? 12.0 mm
Field of view 170°
Flexible section ? 12.0 mm
Forceps channel ? 3.8 mm
Observation range 2-100 mm
Total length 1,650 mm (M) / 1,840 mm (I) / 2,010 mm (L)
Working length 1,330 mm (M) / 1,520 mm (I) / 1,690 mm (L)


Field of view 170°
Observation range 2–100mm
Bending capability Up 180°/Down 180°
Right 160°/Left 160°
Distal end diameter 12.0mm
Flexible portion diameter 12.0mm
Working channel diameter 3.8mm
Working length 1,330/1,520/1,690mm
Total length 1,650/1,840/2,010mm